On Demand Cloud Based Gaming

Happy Cloud is the most seamless and scalable data streaming solution for latency free on demand gaming. Increase conversions and gamer joy with the fastest, most reliable way to onboard new users.

We make on demand gaming

accessible and scalable

The experience now

Hours Remaining...
What it looks like to download a typical 8.5 GB (DVD - sized) game.

The experience with Happy Cloud

Start uninterrupted gameplay with just 5% of the game installed while our intelligent algorithms predictively download the rest of the game files to your computer in the background.

How long does it take to start play?


1 HR

2 mins

4 mins
3.8 HRS

8.5 mins
4.8 HRS

10.5 mins

Want to know

how we do it?

It starts with you

Just send us your game.
Happy Cloud's solution does not require source code integration which means we do all the heavy lifting.

Happy Cloud gets to work

We implement our solution.
Using our proprietary algorithms coupled with a bit of performance tuning, we produce a highly efficient and reliable game build fit for lightning speed game play.

We give you a link

Replace your current download link with ours
or add it alongside your standard download link.

Gamers click your link

Kick off your game download through Happy Cloud's progressive download client.
Happy Cloud enables an on-demand gaming experience for your users.

It's game time!

Play directly from your computer with no latency
while the rest of the game downloads in the background. Once the download is complete we are out of the picture.

The result

Dramatically increase new user onboarding

Your gamers with Happy Cloud

Happy Cloud breaks down barriers to get users in game while increasing conversion to play.

Using Happy Cloud's system is an easy way for us to get more players into TERA's immersive, 3D world.

Soo Min Park, COO at En Masse Entertainment

Let's work together

Happy Cloud is the fastest and most reliable on demanding gaming platform available for PC & Mac, Consoles, and Mobile Devices.


Get more gamers by increasing conversion to play

  • Accelerate downloads from all campaigns
  • Licensing & Direct CPA Programs
  • No client needed once downloaded
  • No Latency

Game Demo

Leverage Happy Cloud to make Demos for your games

  • Fast and cost effective
  • No source code needed
  • Same game with a demo timer
  • Try to buy