Every dog lover likes to control his dog’s movements at all times. Dogs can be adventurous and may want to roam around the neighborhood while unaccompanied which increases the risk of getting lost or getting into an accident. Also, dogs can prove to be a nuisance to neighbors and hence an effective pet boundary system and the need to keep tabs of their movements.

Creating an invisible fence for your dog is a great option to consider as a way to contain your dog’s movements and confine it to your home area. It is created using an underground wire that is installed around the yard or on any other area as you may choose. The wire emits a signal which is connected with a collar that your dog wears. Once the dog nears the area beyond which it should not move, a warning beep is released warning the dog not to cross the boundary and thus keeping it within the confined area. If the dog continues and crosses the boundary area, he is hit by shock and after some time learns to stick within the area.

Some dog owners have reservations about the use of invisible dog fences because they fear to make their dogs suffer from the effects of shock whenever they go out of the designated area. With the advancement of technology, invisible fences now offer an attractive alternative to real fencing.

Many dog owners prefer having invisible fences over traditional physical fences for a number of reasons such as:

Easy to Maintain

Physical above the ground fences require a lot of work to maintain compared to invisible fences which once installed do not require any periodic maintenance.


With physical fences, dogs are able to dig beneath the fence and get to the other side. Better still, they may tear their way through the fence. With underground invisible fences, a dog cannot move beyond that point because the boundary is electrically installed.

The Outdoor View is Maintained

Physical fences block house owners from the scenic view of the surrounding areas because they are tall enough to block visibility. On the other hand, invisible fences help owners to maintain the scenic view of the outside.

Ease of Use

Invisible fences are easy to use and install. It takes just a few hours to put them in place. Compared to a traditional fence, they take considerably lesser time to set up. Also, there is an option of carrying them over to your new home when you want to change residences because they are portable while on the other hand, you cannot move with a physical fence to a new residence.


Putting in place an invisible fence is a great option for any dog lover as it provides a great alternative to putting up a real fence. It only takes a short while before your dog learns that there is a new fence and learns to play within the confines of your home. With the invisible fence, you are guaranteed that your lovely dog will always spend time within your yard unless you have taken him out for a walk or jog.


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