First Rule of Cooking: Keep It Simple

For beginners especially, you can learn to create wonderful dishes with little effort. You do not need to be overly fancy to be a great cook. Start very simply. Perhaps look through some cooking magazines and get an idea of the types of things that interest you the most. Note the reoccurring themes of the dishes, the spices that you seem to be drawn to. Each person has very specific tastes when it comes to foods. You may find yourself drawn to hot and spicy, others will prefer salty or sour. When you determine what you love, roll with that.

The Internet Can Be a Great Source

You may wish to have some charts handy. Save some websites where you can determine how many tablespoons of something make a cup, how many ounces are in a ,or conversion charts to change things from metric to standard Once you have this, and you’ve determined what type of dishes you find interesting, look for some recipes.

Once you have a recipe that looks simple and delicious, go through it and determine what things you’ll need to add to your shopping list. Make a trip to the store and get those items when you are ready to cook. You might find step by step instructions that you can read through first and then follow as you create something. It is a good idea to read the entire recipe through at least once before beginning. This helps you to not add something in the wrong order.

Best Learning Method

Reading is not the best form of learning for everyone. Luckily, videos are now available on the internet to help you learn to cook things. You can take an online video course or just search for a specific video on a platform like YouTube. There is nothing you can’t find on the internet these days. You can take a full-blown cooking course via online cooking schools.

If you want the easiest way to learn possible, you can join a mailbox club that will send you the ingredients, the recipe, step by step instructions, and recipes are plentiful to choose from. You can have a week of meals shipped to you, or just one or two meals per week. You choose what fits your budget and your schedule. These pre-boxed, ready to make dinners are fantastic for the person who doesn’t want to think too hard about a grocery list or going to the store.

Take Advantage of Free Demonstrations

Several grocery stores, like Whole Foods, have kitchens in the stores where you can sign up and take a cooking class for free or at a very low cost. They will show you the exact ingredients that are available in the store and teach you how to make the dish. Sometimes people do best when they can see it done by someone else first, and be able to ask questions if they would like.

The best part of this type of class is that you all get to eat your spoils at the end of the class, so you will even know if you like it before you go buy what you need to recreate the dish at home.

Be a Little Bold

In order to learn how to be a better cook, you just need to get your hands busy and do more of it. There is no shame in making something that is a big flop. It happens to us all. The worst thing you can do is to stop trying to cook new things. You will experiment more frequently as you learn to trust your skills for combining ingredients. You’ll learn the right way to cut an onion for fajitas and start to apply the same skills to other dishes. Before you know what has happened, you will have an exciting list of recipes that you’ve added to your kitchen rotation.


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