Music has been celebrated by all cultures, religions, races and in all corners of the earth since the beginning of time. As capabilities improve, equally the sound quality and the way we enjoy music also excels. For the last century, experts have continually brought new and exciting features to surround us with the music we love. From the phonograph in the early 20th century, to the ability to stream music in our vehicles in present day, the result is the same. People joined together by an insatiable desire for music. 

Car-Tunes are cartoons for grown-ups.

For sound delivery, the options are seemingly limitless. One thing that is always in demand is car audio. For those who love to jam in the car while driving to work, school, or to the club, sub-par audio equipment will not suffice. We need the people on the next block to appreciate our sound system. Install a great set of 6.5 component speakers in your vehicle for premium clarity, maximum quality, and fantastic decibel output. 

We all love to listen

The amount of music the average person listens to is astounding. According to a study, you will listen to a whopping TWO MILLION SONGS in your lifetime on average! Wasting all of those beautiful notes on substandard equipment is just..well…tragic. 

Don’t settle for static

After subjecting myself to poor speakers in previous vehicles, I refused to abuse my ears ever again. The speakers are not supposed to shut off when you hit a bump. Nor are they supposed to sound like the fly olympics. Static is not your friend. Upgrading your sound system with a good set of 6.5 speakers can make an immediate difference in the music you love, the way it is intended. Loud, clear, and static-free audio streaming from your ride every time you roll.

Upgrade your equipment.

Jeep Cherokee

Other options include adding an amplifier in your vehicle, upgrading the stereo, and replacing old wiring for maximum clarity and quality. Stock speakers are generally marginal, just enough to get by. When you are looking to have better sound, upgrading those boring stock speakers may surprise you. Often the difference is amazing.

An affordable luxury

One thing about component speakers that many people don’t realize, they are very affordable to most budgets. You don’t have to create a small fortune to afford yourself this option. There are lower end bargain prices that are greatly suited to those who currently have no speakers at all, or perhaps busted speakers. For the music aficionado that wants a dynamic sound and wants a dramatic upgrade, there are many options available at their disposal as well. 

A few reasons to consider new component speakers: 

  • Your Speakers Are Busted
  • Underwhelming Sound
  • Poor Clarity
  • Current Speakers Are Not Loud Enough
  • Too Much Static Or interference
  • Underpowered Speakers

Educate your ears, my friend.

Doing your research effectively will eliminate disappointment in most cases. Find the result you are trying to achieve by searching the web for the best options. Find reputable companies that appreciate their customers, in addition to reading reviews from verified customers. Don’t jump into purchasing a set of speakers based solely on price. Just because something costs more money, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a better product. On the other hand, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. At times, you may also have the ability to test out speakers in audio shops, but I recommend checking with friends and family. Get real-world testing done by listening to your friends and family’s speakers to get a good idea of how you would want your vehicle to sound. This way you can hear the sound of the speakers inside of a vehicle, instead of in an open-area store.


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