Winter is an exciting time for the entire family to come together and do fun activities. The brisk, cool air combines with the thrilling time of the season to create the perfect family atmosphere. We have a list of winter activities you can do with the family.

Snow Skiing

Snow skiing is an activity for all ages. From toddlers on skiis learning the bunny trail to adults skiing down the toughest trails, learning to ski through the snow is simply fun. Whether you live next to snowy mountains or need to travel a bit to find a skilift, the peaceful atmosphere of the snow combined with the athletic feat of skiing is the perfect combination. After a day of skiing with the family, enjoy cozying up by the fire at the ski lodge as you thaw from the day’s activities.

Holiday Lights

If you’re looking for something to do during the holiday season, it’s fun to pack in the car and go look at lights. You can often find lists of neighborhoods with the best light displays. Watch the children’s eyes light up as they see the decorations dancing and the different colors flashing on and off. You can even grab some hot chocolate and take a walk through these displays for an upclose look. Some neighborhoods have horse and carriage rentals which provide the perfect atmosphere to look at lights with the family.

Bake Cookies

It doesn’t even have to be the holiday season to break out the cookie cutters. The entire family will love gathering in the kitchen to make cookies together. It’s such a fun indoor activity during the cold winter months to create your own gourmet cookies from scratch. Have fun rolling the dough, cutting the cookies and throwing in all sorts of ingredients. After the cookies are baked you can all join in the living area to serve those cookies with some milk.

Ice Skating

The best thing about ice skating is you don’t have to live in a frozen place to enjoy it. Many places have ice skating rinks to enjoy the sport. Lace on some skates and have some fun with the entire family in the rink. You can skate in circles or play games on the ice whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Ice skating is fun for all ages.

Watch Movies

Sometimes it’s best to get a blanket and cuddle on the couch with the family. Turn on your favorite family movies and sit back with a few bags of popcorn. Make a fire in your fireplace for extra heat and wrap up in those blankets. Everyone can vote on their favorite movie before you all choose one, or three. It’s fun to sit back, enjoy movie snacks and laugh together as a family watching movies inside away from the cold air.

Snowball Fight

If you live in an area with snow, get out and have a good, old fashioned snowball fight. The family should dress in many layers and get their gloves ready to throw the biggest snowballs. Get out there and build a snow fort, too, to take cover from the flying snow. Your snowball fight may soon turn into a game of tackle as family members get crazy with their throwing. By the end of the snowball fight you’ll all be laughing and rolling in the snow together.